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  Sun Gemini, Moon Scorpio, Cancer Rising 

I have always had an affinity for astrology.  Since I was 8 years old, I knew that I was a Gemini.  Through the years I read books, the Baltimore CITY paper articles and the internet pertaining to Gemini. In my early 20s, I learned that I was more than just my sun sign.  I learned of my moon and rising sign through my first Ancestral Astrologer.  Understanding that the rabbit hole goes even deeper than I ever imagined, I began to study and read what I could in my spare time until I became obsessed some would say lol.  In 2014, I began to follow Debra Silverman on YouTube and watched all of her skits on the 12 signs and the four elements.  I was hooked.  In 2016, I read her book The Missing Element and learned that she began a school for applied astrology.  In 2019, I enrolled and in 2022 completed her Level 3 course in Applied Astrology.  I found so many like-minded people with beautiful souls in her school. It is truly a place that I learned to be vulnerable with strangers and comfortable with my true self at the same time.  I have studied with her certified astrologers such as Sarah L’Hrar (Astro Auntie), Malika Semper and more..

I have always been someone that even strangers feel comfortable talking to.  After learning astrology, I now have even more compassion and love for others, their struggles and their gifts.  This world is ever changing and being grounded and finding those like-minded individuals is key… 

For those who have never had a reading to those that speak astrology, you are welcome here…. 


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