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  • Is this a psychic reading?
    No, this is not a psychic reading… i.e. no crystal ball, tarot cards, seashells, bones, voodoo dolls, going into trance etc. I will be reading your specific birth chart and going through the analysis with you. Yes, there is math involved. Entertainment purposes only.
  • Is Astrology a religion?
    No. It is not a religion. It is a scientific approach to tracking the planets in the heavens just like the meteorologist does when predicting the weather. We study the influence of the planets on people’s personal lives.
  • How is this different from apps that I can plug my information into…i.e. The Pattern, CoStar?
    I am going to take a deep dive into your personality and soul purpose. We discuss past, present and future timing. Also if you would like to be paired with someone, You can get a synastry (Couples/Friends/Family) reading. Most apps do not give you in-depth analysis, just overview and general information.
  • What happens if I pay and do not show up for my reading?
    You will lose your money. If there is an emergency, you must email myself immediately to discuss other options. If there is an Emergency you must email and text to discuss options BEFORE your reading is to start.
  • What should I do to prepare for the reading?
    Once you have all your accurate information and have booked your reading, have an open mind, be open and honest. Have an open mind, be honest, be willing to be vulnerable and have your pen and paper ready. If possible, have a background clear of distractions.
  • What if I don’t know my time of birth or if it’s not on my Birth Certificate?
    Guessing and saying “I Think”, “I Heard”, “I was told” or “I believe”, etc, will lead you to not having an accurate. Contact Vital Records in the city you were born for a copy of your birth certificate. If possible, ask them if the time of birth is on it. If your time of birth is not on your birth certificate, you can ask for a “Book Copy” from your vital records and that should be on there. Guessing and saying “I think” will lead to you not having accurate info and overall makes the reading more difficult. It is best to have the exact time. It makes for a smooth reading and information is plentiful.
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